Addressing industry specific needs with market-driven services

Our Services

SKYCOM offers various solutions that address specific industry needs:

Integration and Custom Solutions:  SKYCOM has various integration partners and projects that include hard and soft integrations across various features and requirements. Through its generic base platform, the company can seamlessly integrate with various payroll and ERP systems like VIP, SAP and PAL Pay. In edition, the company has developed a number of turnkey solutions to address specific requirements and needs, including;

    • Health and safety is everybody’s responsibility. Skycom’s solution facilitates the management of these processes, through integration with various HSE-related systems like key management, breathalysers, and equipment management.
    • Weighbridge solution to counter theft, by integrating with two third-party suppliers to enforce routing and order verification against vehicles and drivers. This ensures that they are following the correct route, at the correct time, with the correct vehicle make-up.
    • IOT projects.
    • Fatigue management.
      • Training and certification: Skycom’s training department offers an extensive XTime certification programme which caters for various levels of certification, including User training, Super User training and Administrator training. In addition, the GenSync training module, specific to Skycom’s integration platform, is available for more advanced system administrators.

    • Consultation and remote or on-premise system support: Skycom is involved in the entire process from inception to sign-off. Skycom’s services also include consultation on business requirements, system analysis, design and support.