Skycom services a wide variety of clients within various sectors including mining, oil & gas, industrial, manufacturing and parastatal institutions. Here at Skycom we know how important it is to ensure a safe, cost effective and efficient work environment and we also understand the imperative role that technology and specialized solutions plays in achieving this. It is with this in mind that we have been at the forefront of successfully providing specialized solutions for more than 25 years within various countries.

Access Control

Our XTime Suite integrates with various access control platforms on hardware and database levels depending on the application and requirements. Apart from the integration capability, XTime has a strong access control component with a variety of related functionality including fully configurable rule-based events and actions.

Health, Safety and Environment

Health and Safety is the responsibility of everybody and our solution facilitates the management of these processes. Our integration into various HSE related systems like key management, breathalysers, equipment management etc. ensures a safe working environment for all


We have various integration partners and our projects include hard and soft integrations across various aspects and requirements. Our integration through our generic base platform allows us to seamlessly integrate into various payroll and ERP systems like VIP, SAP, PAL Pay to name but a few

Workforce Management

Securing your time and resources has been one of our main specialization points within Skycom for more than 25 years. We understand the importance of a cost effective and safe workforce. Our system offering caters for a wide variety of configurable validations and calculations which all contributes to a comprehensive and complete workforce management system.


Training and Certification

Our training department offers an extensive XTime certification program which caters for various levels of certification. Training starts at User training, Super user training and Administrator training. In addition there is a GenSync training module specific to our integration platform which is for the more advanced system administrators.

Consultation and Support

As a solution provider we pride ourselves in being part of the process from inception up until sign-off and our services also included consultation on business requirements and system analysis and design as well as support. Whether there is a requirement for a system health analysis report or a workshop to design a new custom business specific function, we are there to assist in delivering the best solution for the situation.