XTime smart locker

XTime smart locker solution reduces equipment and asset losses

A large pain point in many sectors is the storing of valuable equipment and restricting access to that equipment, as well as tracking who utilised the equipment.

SKYCOM XTime Equipment Locker Module enables the user to allocate lockers to employees, visitors and contractors. These equipment lockers manage and maintain the booking in and out of equipment and notify the relevant people of the equipment allocations via SMS.

xtime-locker-feature (1)

Because the equipment management becomes a fully audited, fully automated, and foolproof process, it frees up resources for staff to attend to other core duties. Authorised users of the equipment are held accountable and will be prevented from leaving the site if they have not returned the equipment.

The personal locker solution can be used for the safekeeping of valuables or firearms that are not allowed onto a site or into a building and, similar to the equipment lockers, can be allocated to employees, contractors and visitors.