Covid 19

Skycom has embarked on many R&D projects and already deployed numerous successful integrations as well as health and safety value adds across South Africa to manage site occupation and restrictions, fever screening-based access control and additional reporting to manage daily activities pro-actively. There is a strong focus on mobility in the form of web applications and smartphone applications which can be accessed from anywhere which will accommodate the Web / Cloud environment and our aim is to put the power in the user’s hands to be able to do much more remotely. Parallel to the above, we are working on numerous integrations and implementations of various Thermal Screening & Touchless Biometric Solutions Pursuing the new norm of touchless we have already integrated into a variety of new touchless biometric hardware products to give the client access to this functionality. Brands we are currently supporting, but always expanding includes: HikVision, Idemia, Axis, Suprema and embedded screening analytics, Grekkom.

HikVision Facial Recognition & Thermal Screening

20 000 Face template capacity
Utilizing Wiegand out
XTime validation
Message display on PTA / MDTA
I/O on PTA / iTRT etc.These controllers have been discontinued on the manufacturing line and have been replaced by the new more powerful EC3 controller. Please go to the downloads page under documentation for full details.

Suprema Face Station 2

30 000 Face template capacity
Utilizing Wiegand out
XTime validation
Message display on PTA / MDTA
I/O on PTA / iTRT etc.

Successful integrations


We support full 3rd party validation on the EC3 controllers for up to 10 Wave readers per EC3. We are using the latest THRIFT protocol to unlock the full capability of the unit. Template management and housekeeping is done through the EC3 controller with the XTime OEM firmware. Various modes to clock with i.e. card and finger/s, finger/s only, card or finger/s.

Health & Safety

XTime Xiosk Solution

This solution enables the workforce and or visitors to query and or enrol self-related data i.e. photos, fingers etc. Employees can query pay and time related data or post leave applications on the Xiosk. The Xiosk provides automated Visitor and hosting management which includes options like blocking the host from leaving the site while the visitor is still on-site The Xiosk caters for breakouts to other applications which can be hosted within the XTime environment on the Xiosk
In the case of C19, the Xiosk is used for employee surveys related to C19 which is then translated to a block parade to initiate a
client / site specific SOP and block access until resolved and this functionality is combined with our fever screening and facial
recognition integrations to provide a end-to-end compliance solution.

Zone Occupancy Control
This function enables XTime to be configured with an amount of people that can be within the same zone at the same time. Only once a person has left at full occupancy will another person be allowed to enter the zone.

Lockout after pre-defined period
This function allows the user the configure the system to block suspend people’s access to site if they have not accessed the site in a specified number of days. Through doing this, people are forced to go through the COVID-19 SOP again to be unsuspended and this eliminates unwanted people from accessing the site and compromising compliance.