Workforce Management – XTime

Securing your time and resources has been one of our main specialization points within Skycom for more than 25 years. We understand the importance of a cost effective and safe workforce. Our system offering caters for a wide variety of configurable validations and calculations which all contributes to a comprehensive and complete workforce management system.

XTime is a specialised workforce management suite comprised of modular hardware and software components.  It is specially designed around the multitude of business demands and aspects pertaining to the management of your workforce, health & safety, cost, security and access control. 

XTime is the chosen operation critical system within many countries within a wide variety of sectors including mining, oil and gas, industrial and manufacturing operations.

The suite contains an extensive set of standard functionality and payroll exports and our locally based team can facilitate and implement any additional custom requirements that the organization might require.

The strength of our product lies within the versatility and flexibility of the suite to conform to your unique business model.  

XTime is geared for seamless integration and we specialise in aligning business process requirements with the XTime Suite through synthesis on a database, 3rd party validation facilitation (controller or server based) and hardware level which includes facial recognition, breathalyser testing, key management cabinets and building management.

The XTime Suite ensures a safe, cost effective and efficient work environment for all with inputs and outputs to various ERP, HR and Payroll systems.

Securing your time and resource

XTime Suite Offering

  • Workforce Management

o    Employee Management

    • Contractor Management
    • Visitor Management
    • Fatigue Management
  • Access Control
    • Zone routing
    • Anti-Pass back
    • Checkpoint routing
    • Parading
    • Configurable Events and Actions
    • Certificate / license / qualification validation and expiry
    • Canteen / meal Management
    • Equipment & Asset Management
      • Equipment validation on entry / exit
      • Equipment allocation on entry / exit  
    • Integrated Biometric Identification Solutions (Finger Print & Facial Recognition) 
  • Central System Command Centre
  • System Health Dashboard
  • Weighbridge Automation
  • Full Offline Validation with Multi-layered Redundancy
  • Custom Software & Solution Development
  • On Premise Application / Web Application or Cloud Based Web Application Deployments  

Key Strengths

Our XTime Software Suite is developed locally in South Africa and is the legal property of Skycom. We are the sole manufacturer & supplier of the XTime Software Suite to various value added resellers and pride ourselves on continued innovation and product expansion.

Our long term presence within the Work Force Management market allows us to identify crucial differentiating aspects within solution requirements and apply that to our offering.  This allows us to supply tailor made turnkey solutions to our customers across various sectors and industries.

When providing solutions, our innovative & flexible approach allows our clients the freedom to think outside the box. We believe in creating long term partnerships with our clients through which we can collaboratively strive towards strategic and operational goals.

We seamlessly integrate with many of the leading Payroll / HR & ERP Systems such as SAP, Pal Pay, VIP & CRS just to name a few and have subsequently attained Epi-Use accreditation for our SAP interface. Our integration component forms a very strong integration platform from which we can accommodate various requirements from a generic base with expansion possibilities by means of client specific interface plug-ins directly into the integration component.

XTime Versions

XTime Lite

This system caters for those clients that require a comprehensive workforce management system with ample functionality but less complexity. The system caters for small to large work forces and can accommodate a large amount of readers and peripherals. The system has the visitor expansion module available as an optional add-on module as well in order to manage sites which has a huge in and outflow of visitors and need to record their whereabouts.

XTime Elite

The flagship of our workforce management system offering caters for large enterprise clients that have complex work environments and rules with the requirement for integration and total configurability and flexibility. XTime Elite caters for various aspects within the workforce management cycle and includes optional add-on modules for managing HSE, Time, Shifts & Cycles, Pay rules, Fatigue management etc. The system is flexible and can be constructed as per individual requirements by means of modular expansion.

XTime Web

The new Web Version has all the known and familiar functionality as well as some new and exciting functions and features that will enhance the user experience as well as ensure the longevity of the XTime product which is now written and designed with the latest technology available

Distribution Options

The module is available in two variances, both are web based instances based on the latest web application technology.

Option 1 – Hosted

In this instance the solution will be hosted on a Skycom server and the client will access the application via the web

The application will thus reside outside the IT domain

Option 2 – Locally Hosted

In this instance the application will reside on a server within the client IT domain and hosted on an ISS instance as a web site.

Customization Options

XTime Web will be distributed as a standard package with many additional modules that can be plugged into the system to provide additional functionality, one of these being the new BI module.

Add-on modules include but are not limited to: BI, Fatigue Management, Equipment Management, Events and actions, GenSync, Payroll interfacing etc.